I am a Rock

and a rock feels no pain


I'm a warrior-poet and Jack of all trades. A starving artist, craftsman, adventurer, mystic, and hopeless romantic. My soul dwells in the past, my body in the present, and my mind in the future.

I am a Drawing and Painting major, and I'll soon add sculpting to my degree as well. I'm also an actor and I do my own costuming and special effects makeup. In addition, I am a professional photo developer.

I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of my own fabrication company, Outland Armour LLC, providing custom armour, costumes, accessories, and prop weapons on commission.

I sing, I dance, I perform, I dream, I create.

I am not very good at anything else, however. Like math. Ugh.
12 monkeys, a clockwork orange, absinthe, acting, adventures of baron munchausen, alchemy, alex grey, anachronism, angels, antiques, arcanum, archery, astronomy, batman, blacksmithing, blade runner, bob ross, book making, boondock saints, brazil, brom, bushido, c.s. lewis, carbon leaf, chiroptera, chivalry, chuck palahniuk, cigars, city of lost children, clint eastwood, coffee, cosmology, daniel amos, demonology, depeche mode, doctor who, dracula, drawing, dream travel, dune, fight club, film noir, firefly, flogging molly, frank miller, gangs of new york, ghostbusters, gin, godspeed you black emperor, gothic architecture, guns, h.p. lovecraft, hats, hebrew, hellboy, hellsing, hiking, history, information society, j.r.r. tolkien, j.w. waterhouse, jethro tull, jiggery-pokery, johnny cash, jules verne, julian barrat, kamelot, kilts, led zeppelin, long coats, lordi, louis armstrong, masquerade, mead, metalworking, metaphysics, michaelangelo, mirror mask, muse, mysticism, mythology, native american lore, nature, nikola tesla, noel fielding, painting, photography, pipe tobacco, pirates, poetry, pre-raphaelite art, predator, prophecy, rasputina, ray bradbury, red dwarf, renaissance fairs, retro-futurism, rhapsody, rob zombie, robert heinlein, rock climbing, role playing games, romanticism, rum, rush, salvadore dali, serenity, shakespeare, shamanism, sin city, sky captain, sonata arctica, spelunking, spider-man, splashdown, star wars, steampunk, surrealism, survivalism, sushi, swing dancing, swords, tattoos, tetragrammaton, the cruxshadows, the cure, the dresden dolls, the elder scrolls, the mighty boosh, they might be giants, thrift stores, tom waits, transcendentalism, type o negative, vampires, vast, vivaldi, voltaire, waking life, watercolor, whiskey, william blake, wine, wood carving, x-men, yeshua, zombie extermination