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Hello everyone!

As many of you know, I am now taking classes at SCAD Atlanta. I changed my major to sculpture as the drawing and painting studios had none of the equipment my art requires. I LOVE it. As much as I learned at UGA, and as many excellent friends I made there, SCAD is very much more suited to my learning style. The quarter system is taking quite a bit of adjusting to, but all in all I feel like I am getting much more accomplished. It is quite nice to be back on track.

In the interest of presenting my work in a more professional manner, and to help facilitate our upcoming lines of accessories and period grooming supplies (Dapper Dantes Pomade, etc...), as well as to help me design all of the millions of thingies floating about in my head for our steampunk world, I have just purchased a new computer and monitor! Finally! Again, thanks to ryukumu for providing a host of helpful information and tips. I would have been lost otherwise.

I look forward, not only to playing FALLOUT 3


but also being able to use Autodesk Inventor, and other such programs. I was lucky enough to be given a copy by a new friend from GA Tech.

In other news, costumes continue to be planned and created:

WIP Steampunk Boba Fett!

Although my scarce and untimely posts, in all likelihood, rarely inform any of you of any developments on the web of which you were not already aware (as I am generally behind the times), I've come across a few new things whose merit demands that I post about them.

LIST OF AWESOME THINGS (in no particular order) GO:

"The Areas of My Expertise," by John Hodgman
This satirical almanac has captivated my attention for the past week since it came to our house from the library. I cannot express just how funny and original this book is. The full title is: "An Almanac of Complete World Knowledge Compiled with Instructive Annotation and Arranged in Useful Order by myself, John Hodgman, a Professional Writer, in The Areas of My Expertise, which Include: Matters Historical, Matters Literary, Matters Cryptozoological, Hobo Matters, Food, Drink & Cheese (a Kind of Food), Squirrels & Lobsters & Eels, Haircuts, Utopia, What Will Happen in the Future, and Most Other Subjects." If that isn't enough to convince you of this book's unparalleled awesomeness, consider the following review found on the inside cover: "In the olden days, all important knowledge was stored in the Library of Alexandria. In the modern era, all important knowledge was stored in the Internet. The Areas of My Expertise is upgrade to the Library of Alexandria and the Internet, offering significant improvements in security, accuracy, and awesomeness." -David Rees. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. AND WATCH THIS VIDEO TRAILER:

Pandora is free internet radio that only plays what you like. Now, that doesn't mean that you can type in any song and immediately hear it for free, due to licensing, but what it means is that you type in any artist, or song name, and it will create a radio station of music that is similar, and which will also contain songs by that artist. What is really amazing is the method it uses to choose what is similar to what you tell it you like. Pandora is operated by the Music Genome Project, which is a huge group of musicians who collaborated to analyze just about every band EVER (including all of the obscure ones I love) and describe tons of elements that make up each of them, which it them correlates to all other bands. It is sooo much more complicated than merely sorting them by genre, even if it included numerous sub genres. Needless to say, it is a fantastic way to discover new bands and listen to many of their songs. It is also so easy to use that it took me a bit to figure it out because my mind kept trying to find complications and "figure it out." But it's really as easy as sign up, type in things you like, listen, and then tell it if you do or do not like what is playing. The more you tell it, the better it is at playing things you like that you've never heard before. Give the thumbs down to two songs from an artist, and it won't ever play another song from them on that station. You can make as many as you want, and can add other songs or artists to the criteria for each of them. You can't rewind, or instantly replay a song, because of licensing, but you can skip a certain number of songs per hour for each station. The few limits that it does have due to it being free are far outweighed by its genius.

3:10 to Yuma
Starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe, and co starring Alan Tudyk (for whom I audibly cheered for upon his surprise appearance in the film) and with a very good cameo from Luke Wilson. EXCELLENT FILM. I previously hated Russell Crowe (intensely, though for admittedly no real reason), though that hate has been thoroughly erased by this movie. Master and Commander made me hate him LESS, but I still didn't really like him. UNTIL NOW. I also never would have thought that there could be a western movie that was as good as Clint Eastwood's films, but they did a far better job without him than I ever thought possible. Tombstone came pretty close, but this movie annihilates Tombstone, in my opinion, and Tombstone is one of my favorite movies. It had much more heart and soul then most dirt and bullet filled western flicks, and even though it was FILLED with action and intensity, it has a level of deep character development and excellent dialogue that is practically never seen in western movies, and is some of the best in film to date.

Kuroshitsuji, aka Black Butler
The anime adaptation of this manga was released in October of this year. When we saw the Victorian character designs, we immediately knew that we had to do costumes from it and that I needed to be the 12 year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive who sells his sole for a demon butler/bodyguard who rivals Walter (of Hellsing) as coolest butler ever, a task I previously thought impossible. I just love how ridiculous his costumes are. He's like part Rei, part Integra, and part Little Lord Fauntleroy, with a heavy sprinkling of EGL on top. It sounds mad, but it comes off looking oddly cute and stylish at the same time. A top hat, knee breeches, a bustle, spats, granny boots, and sock garters? I never would have thought of THAT combination on a straight male, but he makes it work somehow. I must tap into this dark, androgynous power and add it to my own. In addition to that outfit, I really want to do this one, and this one. He even goes undercover in a huge pink dress on his mission to uncover Jack the Ripper. Much hilarity ensues. I think I have to do that one too, just for the sheer hysteria of it.

Current Music: Billy Holiday

I don't post here very often, as you will no doubt be aware if you are on LJ with any regularity. This is generally because I rarely have things to say which I feel merit broadcasting to everyone I know on the internet. But recently I found myself wanting to talk about a few things and provide updates at to what is going on with me this year.

If you watch my deviantART then you will have heard about why we are not going to Otakon. If you don't watch it, then I will fill you in: Further explanation and rant about convention weapon policies behind cutCollapse )

On a more fun note, here are my costume plans for the rest of the year:


~Steampunk: Vincent Dantes
-improved steamtank
-more guns
-steam powered arm armor
-new blue glowy aether capacitors
-new coat
-new spats
-aether charged cutlass
-piratey sash

~Doctor Who: Original Design 11th Doctor
-elements of 4th, 8th, and 10th Doctors
-black velvet pinstripe jacket
-black pinstripe Chuck Taylors
-gray striped pants
-extremely long dark and light gray striped scarf
-red cravat
-Victorian style shirt
-silver paisley brocade waist coat
-wallet with psychic paper
-original custom pocket watch
-original custom machined sonic screwdriver
-light weight, slightly less than full size, mobile TARDIS with lights and sounds

~Dr. Girlfriend
-pink dress version

~Steampunk Cheshire Cat
-short top hat w/ ears and goggles
-purple crushed velvet pants and poet shirt
-claws, fangs, and contact lenses
-striped knee socks and pointy shoes
-tailcoat w/ striped cat tail
-brass tragedy and comedy mask shoulder armor


~Same as D*C, but without Doctor Who


~Same as AWA, but with Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Prospects for next year:
~Abel from Trinity Blood
~Ultimate Gambit
~Vlad the Impaler version Alucard
~Knights of the Old Republic (comic) Mandalorians?
~Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel?

I started working the build at Netherworld today, as well as working at the Ren Fest yesterday and the day before. I am quite sore from constant ax throwing and construction work, but am quite relieved to be working every day again. After quite a long dry spell I finally have tons of steady paying work! Yay for munnies and jobs that are really fun!

Also, Momocon was great! Our panel was a big hit and we met a bunch of amazing new friends!

And check out this AMAZING site I found the other day: Oobject.com "...like a Billboard Chart for Gadgets."

There is far to much to do and not near enough time in which to do it all. To compound the frustration, much of it can't be done alone and there is no one around who can help me, as Adam has classes and work, Craig has a new job, and Matt is looking for a job, and has no car.

This is further made worse by the fact that my job is screwing me in the hours department, resulting in no money. Oh, and I just got a speeding ticket, which couldn't have been more apropos. Big hill, picked up too much speed, got snagged by the fuzz. I've traveled that road nearly every day for years and not only have I never seen a cop there, that one little stretch just happens to drop down to 35mph, which was news to me.

~Yet Another List~

I've only really gotten into beer in the last year, as prior to that the only kinds I'd even enjoyed were Guinness, Heineken, Killian's, and New Castle. Those being good, they are just not the same here as they are in Europe. America doesn't seem to be able to make beer in mass quantities properly. I will concede that there are some micro-breweries that are decent, but I don't really have the patience or desire to hunt through them all as thy all look rather dull on the outside and I tend to chose my beer by how much the bottle attracts my aesthetic sensibilities, unless it is being given to me in which case that doesn't matter at all.

I'd been to Europe before, but I only ever had whiskey and wine when I was there, so our recent trip to Denmark really opened my tongue eyes to a world of deliciosity and since then I've come across quite a few amazing beers here in the states that seemed to have survived the import process with flavor and high alcohol content intact.

This cut shields you from a world of awesome and intoxicating flavorCollapse )

~Of Which You May Not, But Should Be Aware~

Comanche Moon: a delightful televised miniseries.

Waking Life: a mind altering existentialist film.

The Mighty Boosh: a psychedelic world of British hilarity.

City of Lost Children: a French steampunk fantasy film starring Ron Perlman.

and most importantly:

Ron Paul: a soft spoken, straight shooting bad ass.

I am here compiling a list for my own reference of things I plan to get at some point in the future.

A John Bull Topper. Not the best price, but the best photo I've found. I saw a guy wearing one of these in Borders the other day, and I was astounded at how casual it looked. I would wear it all the time.

Leather Top Hat, for when the weather is a bit rough, or for walking about on deck. For less formal, more rugged situations. I should just make one of these. Like Slash, but without the huge conchos on the band. lol

Pale Rider Hat, sometimes caller the Drifter Hat. Clint Eastwood style. Need I say more? I haven't seen any reasonably priced versions of this hat, and it is apparently called a bunch of different things. It's more or less a top hat with a fedora-like brim.

A light tan version of my top hat. Not a great range of particular applications for this, but it looks neat and it's always nice to have options.

This started out as a list of stuff and became a list of hats. I like hats.

Every album is a comeback album. Or post rather.

So much has happened! Went to Denmark and had a fantastic time. Zeitguyz wants us to do more cons with them, and we are all quite excited about that needless to say. Talking with them has spurred even more elaborate steampunk plans, the first being an online comic of our characters using photographs instead of drawings, which will eventually lead into short films, and then longer films. The comics and films will help to establish the world and once we've gotten that out there we are shooting to make our own video game.

What else is new...
I had planned on moving back to Athens to finish my degree, but after weighing my job and roommate options, I've decided to move to Atlanta late January and transfer to GSU, starting classes in the summer. I've also decided to just switch my major to Sculpture, rather than trying to do a Drawing and Painting/Sculpture major.

I worked at Netherworld in October and had more fun than a person should be allowed to have at their job. They've asked me to be a part of the build crew and help build the house starting in late April (one of the reasons I did not want to be all the way out in Athens) and I am very excited about that.

So lots of exciting stuff!

... As sound as a madman gets, anyway.

We had a spectacular time in L.A., and I only wish we would have had more time there. I didn't get to do as many photo shoots as I had hoped for, but I'm very excited about the ones we did do. Tas is going to do a bunch of cool digital effects to them, so it will be a while before he can send them to me.

Another unfortunate thing is that we didn't get very many pics of Gankutsuou, but I post up the ones we did get. I'll have to rectify this at Otakon.

I can't wait to see the pics that Tas took. After working with him, I am itching to do some more really nice shoots, but I need a few things. A photographer with some free time and a good camera, and a old style bathtub with feet. I want to fill it with "blood" and get some fun shots as Alucard. I also wanted to get some good shots of Girlycard, since the only pics I have of that are when I'm standing around in a hotel lobby at cons. We're making his coffin for Otakon, so there are a bunch of fun things we could do with that as well. I was hoping to do these in an old looking building, but I don't know of any off the top of my head.

I'm also having a bit of a conundrum. We're doing a big Hellsing group fro Otakon, but I can't decide which version of Alucard to do. I'm trying to decide between adding onto the standard red coat version: re-casting my big hell hound heads, adding some crazy eye covered black armor-like plates with bat wings coming out of them, getting a longer wig and have bats coming out of it on one side, and possibly adding a wing on my back OR doing the Vlad the Impaler version with the sword and medieval armor.

I really can't decide. The Vlad version is cool because it's totally unlike any version I've done so far, but there is the considerable drawback of the lack of guns. Maybe I could make some crazy flintlock versions of the Joshua and the Jackal. Hrm.... And I could certainly add the hell hound head to it... What do you guys think?


Ok, after fully considering the prospect of making flintlock steampunk looking versions of Alucard's guns, I've realized that I don't have near enough time.

I DO, however, have enough time to make the sword crazy looking. I just so happen to have a well carved wooden broadsword blade of perfect size and shape, that I could very easily fix up and cover with swirling black red-eyed chaos. The image I have for it in my mind definitely makes up for the lack of guns.

When I do a new version with bat wings and eyes all over, I will want it to be the bondage version, and not just an add on to the red coat one.

Which means that I have to choose either the super insane bondage Alucard, with tons of eyes, centipedes, and bat wings, OR and the medieval Vlad the Impaler version with the armor and chaos sword.

Honestly, they would both be just as easy to do and equally time consuming, so the question is merely that of aesthetics. The only drawback I see with the Vlad version is that most people probably won't recognize it as Alucard yet.

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